How to deal with Project Evaluation of BE project

Let me explain you guys everything very clearly. You guys just need to read the blog till the end.

The project which we make in last year of our bachelors is the one who will get us job or may be would one which will get added in our records.

Everyone starts thinking and working on their projects from very start of final year right?

LOL :) no one really does so.

The one who try good may make good project and may implement good project. But it is not compulsory that he would get the most marks. It may happen that someone who has bought the project will get more marks than the one who has made it himself or herself.

I just explained you the fact that you are not gonna get more importance even if you have implemented project by yourself. But main advantage which we get by implementing our own project is we get to know about internal working of project, which will may result into little extra marks in viva exam. But any one can explain the project in exam by understanding it last night.

Hence for getting good marks we need to understand the teacher's/Examiners view while taking the exam. What teachers really want from student is :

1. Has student really did something in project ?

-> To crack this view you need to find out tasks required to implement your project, divide those tasks into your team (even if you have not implemented the project).

After distributing the task one thing to be noted is "Always stick to your part". Because if someone will explain part of other student, that student might will get uncomfortable, and that will not be good for team. Even if examiner asks you to explain something which is the part of someone else, you can just tell overview of that module and tell teacher that that module is implemented by xyz.

2. Does student have knowledge of domain and the system which they have developed ?

-> To crack this view, student need to tharollay understand the domain of their project and what is background and foreground of the project. Also as students have already divided tasks among them, they will need to study at least on methodology or algorithm which is related to their part and which we have used in that particular part of project.

3. Soft Skills gives advantage

-> If you can present the topic good even if you have limited knowledge, the questions which you will get at last will be simple. If you give them respect and speak clearly and slowly, also listening to them carefully without interrupting them while they are speaking, will give you a good impression.

We need to understand one thing that soft skills is not only the good English. If you are lacking in soft skills and also lacking in confidence just check my blog on soft skills

This is how you can manage project evaluation just before few days for examination

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